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The future of mine safety is here

The latest product from Acubis Technologies looks like a Transformer robot as it unfolds its solar panel ‘wings’ and extends its long ‘neck’ with antenna and camera ‘head’.

This very impressive bit of kit is actually the Rajant Peregrine WCT400E Communications Trailer, the latest addition to Acubis Technologies’ solutions for remote communications in critical and complex environments such as active mine sites.

Installed with an 8.3m electric mast and fitted with the Axis Q6075-E PTZ camera with 40x Zoom and 1080P HD vision, it can see your assets, providing you with location and status data. The electrically operated solar panel deployment and electrically operated microwave radio tilt and rotate mechanism provide great flexibility and accuracy.

The equipment works in support of a Rajant Kinetic Mesh network deployed across active mine sites. The combination of GPS location technology, accurate remote control and high definition vision provides updates on a range of fleet management needs, including fatigue management. Worker safety issues can be monitored in real time, enabling a speedy response if required. This platform is also risk assessment certified.

Being mobile, the trailer provides flexible coverage across the site, overcoming changing topography and obstacles to communication between assets. The long mast provides extended coverage and backhaul integration.

The Rajant Peregrine WCT400E comes with 1.56Kw of Solar and 400Ah at 48v DC of usable lithium battery storage. It is installed with the latest Rajant Peregrine Kinetic Mesh Node along with a Cambium 450i PTMP subscriber module for network backhaul integration. The solar lithium power is monitored using the victron remote monitoring system.

Acubis is a system integrator that offers complete remote communication solutions within the Mining, Oil and Gas, Defence and other heavy industries. Acubis personnel are qualified to design, install and maintain your critical communication infrastructure.

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See the trailer in action in the video Chris Acton posted on LinkedIn: See it in action