Safety Speed Radar

Change driver behaviour and improve road safety at your site

Intercepta® is a smart safety speed radar trailer with camera and LED message board that measures and manages driver behaviour. Solar powered and operating autonomously day and night (24/7), Intercepta® is the only commercial speed radar camera trailer of its kind in Australia. It was developed in conjunction with our Emergent Group partners Novecom.

Operating within a mobile communication trailer, Intercepta® encompasses a suite of technologies which monitor and record traffic as well as individual vehicle data. It is powered by a smart video processor that connects to the cloud via 3G/4G, WiFi or other WAN interface.

Smart radar camera

Intercepta® can be configured to suit different speed zones. It offers automated summary reporting as well as real-time infringement notifications via email – including an attached video file detailing the speed, location and time of the traffic event.

Through the combination of visual driver feedback and a prompt response to incidents enabled by real-time notifications, Intercepta® customers have successfully improved driver behaviour through the principles of encourage, educate and enforce.

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