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Choosing an industrial network solutions provider

Choosing the right industrial network solutions provider

In business, getting the correct communications technologies in place doesn’t simply happen by itself. And in intensive industries like metals and mining, it’s crucial that your chosen partner has the skills and expertise to deliver the right technologies the first time, so you can get on with things with minimal disruption and guaranteed peace of mind.

When looking to install or upgrade business-critical technologies, particularly in often harsh and remote environments, you need to be certain that you’re dealing with people who not only understand the best technology to use, but also how it serves your business objectives.

Here are some of the essential things you should be on the lookout for when your site or company requires assistance with telecommunications, networking and radio technologies.

Fully licensed and accredited technicians

This one is simply non-negotiable. Whoever installs your network should not only know what they’re doing, they must be able to prove that they are certified to perform the installations they are advertising. It’s not just your business that’s at risk, either.

Peoples’ lives may literally depend on the performance of your network should the unthinkable occur. Highly trained and independently accredited technicians ensure optimal conditions not only for business success, but – more importantly – a reliably safe working environment as well.

Proven capabilities

Of course, one way to help decide whether a company can service your needs is to review their experience. Ask them directly who they’ve delivered work for, the technologies used, and when the engagement occurred.

Remember though that, given the sometimes sensitive commercial in confidence arrangements of many industries, it may be that a company can’t directly advertise the clients they have performed work for, so such information may not be on their website or available as case studies. Starting the conversation however will usually reveal whether you’re talking to the real deal.

Expert site analysis and support

If you have decided to engage with someone, one of the first things that will be recommended is an RF Site Survey, either to identify where the points of failure are in an existing network, or to map your site in depth to determine the ideal placement of mobile antennae and other mesh technologies.

Such work provides an elemental starting point in designing a network that will perform as required.

Don’t rush to engage with any provider who does not recommend this key component of a pre-deployment. It’s an essential element in ensuring your final outcome operates as expected, so you can be confident in the performance of your networks.

The right hardware

One common misconception about industry-grade wireless technologies is that they are no different to the kind of routers and so on you can purchase off the shelf at regular retailers. The truth is very different.

Given their critical role in industry and with the ever present spectre of cyberattacks, information communication technologies must pass stringent government checks and certifications beyond that required for consumer-oriented solutions, and are engineered to withstand much more challenging conditions than environments like the home or office.

Relationships with world-leading solutions providers

For an ICT solutions provider to be able to deliver the kind of robust network technologies that serious industry demands it is necessary for them to have direct relationships with the relevant hardware vendors.

This ensures that the hardware is genuine, compatible and fit-for-purpose. It also means that should performance issues arise or hardware support is required, your solutions provider is able to effect the necessary repairs, replacements or upgrades required in a rapid and effective manner, minimising any potential downtime and loss of revenue.

A vital resource for the resources sectors

Composed of highly trained, highly skilled network and communications specialists, Acubis is a leading provider of wireless data networks, two way radio communications, CCTV and other vital technology solutions. Our technicians are all fully licensed, and we are authorised sales and support partners with global vendors including Cisco, Hytera and more.

What’s more, our experience has helped major resource companies across the world realise positive outcomes for their businesses.

 If you’re looking to harness the cost-efficiencies and new business strategic possibilities that a fully realised high-speed communications solution can present, or even to optimise your existing network so it can perform as it was meant to, contact the dependable team at Acubis.