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Acubis on show at QLD and WA mining expos

In July this year, Emergent Group company Acubis put their talents on show for the Queensland mining sector at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) in Mackay.

Co-exhibiting with technology providers Rajant Corporation and Madison Technologies, Acubis’ Chris Acton, Jeff Berg and Jake Jacobs demonstrated how their wireless communication systems can benefit Australian mining. On display were some of the technologies Acubis specialises in, such as kinetic mesh solutions for effective communication and safety at remote sites.

Emergent Group’s Executive Director – Strategy and Innovation, Glenn Platt attended the event to learn more about the mining sector and to support Acubis at the event.

The Acubis booth, located in a prime position in the exhibition hall, attracted many interested parties over the three days of the expo. Following conversations with potential clients, their contact details were recorded with an innovative system that uses a phone app to capture data from a QR code on the person’s ID badge.

Acubis staff have been following up new business leads and are now getting set to replicate the success of their presence at QME by attending the Western Australian Mining Conference and Exhibition (WAME) in Perth in October.

If you’re attending WAME this year, do call in and say hi to Chris at Booth EE129.