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Acubis establishes base in WA

Emergent Group company Acubis, specialists in remote communications, have expanded their operations to Western Australia.

Acubis is well-known in the Queensland mining sector, having completed many successful communications projects in the state. They have also established a growing presence and office based out of the Emergent Group HQ, with technicians based at mine sites across NSW.

Acubis provides customised, high-performing and cost-effective radio, data and telecommunications solutions, products and services to support operational safety, production and security needs. They have over a decade of experience in designing and integrating complex remote communication solutions throughout Australia, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

With mining being such an important part of the WA economy, mining companies are wanting to stay abreast of communication technologies to maximise the safety of employees and the security of assets.

One of Acubis’ technology partners is Briteforce, manufacturers of Australia’s number 1 communication trailer platform on which to mount sophisticated communications equipment. Acubis in Partnership with Briteforce has established a new point of presence based out of Midvale, Western Australia

Two new employees have been recruited to coordinate WA activities for Acubis. Both are well connected with the client base in the state and have already started building on current client relationships and developing new ones.

Emergent Group is excited to see this development for Acubis and looks forward to seeing the benefits of their skills and experience being utilised for the advantage of WA businesses.